Gas Alarm Electronics Co., Ltd. is the representative gas detector in Korea.

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Gas Alarm Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 for the first generation, and since leap forward in 1990 for the second generation.


Since the second generation, with the spirit of a venture business, we have been supplying a variety of measuring devices and safety devices in the fields of intelligent remote control system hardware, software and safety, and energy environment related fields.


In addition, expanding into the global market through domestic and international certifications by acquiring ISO 9001 certification, domestic explosion-proof certification, European explosion-proof certification, CE certification, firefighting certification, ship certification, and gas safety construction certification through ceaseless efforts to improve quality and technology. As a leader in gas leakage alarms for industrial and civil use, it is gaining the most popularity and market share in industrial plants, buildings, ships, and general civilians. It is a company specializing in related safety devices.


We sincerely thank our customers for choosing our gas detectors and safety devices, and we will continue to do our best to take the lead as a responsible company with a sense of mission and pride to take a part in protecting peoples property and lives.


Gas accidents can be prevented in advance with attention and prevention alone.


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